Mission Statement

Design and Rehabilitation

Mission & Vision
Mission Statement

Mission & Vision Mission Statement

Mission & Vision
Mission Statement

The West Reading Main Street Foundation is a community development organization created by elected and non-elected leaders of the community to develop and manage the mechanisms for a prosperous and competitive business environment. The Foundation will act broadly within the parameters set by the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s xvideos National redtube Main Street pornhub Program to:
1) promote xnxx a sense youporn of community and unified purpose,
2) assure the historic continuity of the community’s architectural heritage,
3) improve the image and perception of the community to residents and visitors and
4) strengthen economic rejuvenation of property and commerce.

Vision Statement

West Reading’s central business district will be occupied by an effective combination of high quality, niche retail and service xxx businesses offering distinctive products and accommodating the desires of discriminating consumers. The District’s historic and commercial buildings will be rehabilitated for mixed use including upper floor housing. A fully revitalized streetscape will noticeably increase the desirability to own and operate properties and businesses and will attract new investors and entrepreneurs to the community.

The $6 million Streetscape Enhancement Project completed in 2003 has dramatically improved the public environment in the shopping district.

bullet Access and parking are improved

Design and Rehabilitatio
bullet Traffic gridlock is eased
bullet Pedestrians can circulate safely
bullet Nighttime ambiance opens unlimited opportunities
Click here to download a district map.
Click here to request a Façade Grant Improvement Package.

West Reading Welcome Wall Mural

Mike Miller and Nancey Seghetti, resident artists and Design Team members will be working on the implementation of the mural this summer. The project budget is $10,000. Sam Loth has secured the pledges of Ed Kuhn (Kuhn’s Funeral Home) and Jim Edwards (Edwards Business Systems) and will be actively seeking further pledges through this summer and fall. Contributors to the project will be recognized at the unveiling ceremony upon completion of the mural with names inscribed on a brass plaque which will be mounted at the mural site. The location of the mural is the east face of the West Reading Diner. The mural will greet motorists and pedestrians at Fourth and Penn Avenues as they travel into the Borough from the 422 By-pass and the City of Reading.

West Reading Business Corner

West Reading Business Corner

West Reading Business Corner

Block Captains

Accurate Information Breaking News Impactiang Events
Fast Alerts Upcoming Activities

The Borough of West Reading and the Main Street Program have organized a Block Captain system that provides business Youporn owners xvideos and xnxx commercial redtube property owners with a liaison to the governing leaders and municipal staff. Block Captains are available to communicate, update and inform owners on issues and current events.

Accurate information on Borough & Main Street special events;
who, what, when, where and why!

Updates on videos porno issues that impact your business or investment property!

New businesses, parking management, improvement projects, CHANGE!

Telephone trees, email and fax alerts on storms, road closings and criminal activity!
Information on building projects, road work, the Greater Reading Corridor and RiverPlace!

Every block of Penn Avenue has two Block Captains, one for each side of the Avenue. All business and commercial property owners on the north and on the south sides of the Borough (Penn Avenue dividing line) also have a Block Captain that represents you.

When your Block Captain visits or calls, be available to listen and learn. The Block Captains will be your connection to the staff, committees, boards and elected leaders of the Borough.

When you have questions, when you need a reminder, when you want to report on an issue, when you want to send a suggestion, when you need an answer . . . your Block Captain will be your ‘go-to’ person.

NEW! Now you can get the latest West Reading news 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling our new hotline number. Just dial 641.715.3900 X37729#.

A Place We All Want to Be…

Shoppers smiling, talking, and strolling from store to store…eye-catching window displays presenting a variety of products both familiar and unique…interesting bistros, cafés, full-service restaurants tempting our palates…walkways adorned with plants and flowers inviting the eye to continue exploring…West Reading’s very own Main Street, USA.

We’ve all been in towns with streets like this! For some of us, it was long ago when the heart of every community had a busy downtown. But some fortunate few of us have had this experience just recently. We have discovered communities with revitalized “Main Streets” that are once again vibrant business and shopping environments.

The West Reading Main Street Foundation is transforming the heart of West Reading, Penn Avenue into that special place where we all want to be. The Destination Streetscape Campaign is taking us there!

Business Association

The NASA Centennial Challenges prize, level one, is presented to team Mountaineers for successfully completing level one of the NASA 2014 Sample Return Robot Challenge, from left, Ryan Watson, Team Mountaineers; Lucas Behrens, Team Mountaineers; Jarred Strader, Team Mountaineers; Yu Gu, Team Mountaineers; Scott Harper, Team Mountaineers; Dorothy Rasco, NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for the Space Technology Mission Directorate; Laurie Leshin, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) President; David Miller, NASA Chief Technologist; Alexander Hypes, Team Mountaineers; Nick Ohi,Team Mountaineers; Marvin Cheng, Team Mountaineers; Sam Ortega, NASA Program Manager for Centennial Challenges; and Tanmay Mandal, Team Mountaineers;, Saturday, June 14, 2014, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, Mass. Team Mountaineers was the only team to complete the level one challenge. During the competition, teams were required to demonstrate autonomous robots that can locate and collect samples from a wide and varied terrain, operating without human control. The objective of this NASA-WPI Centennial Challenge was to encourage innovations in autonomous navigation and robotics technologies. Innovations stemming from the challenge may improve NASA's capability to explore a variety of destinations in space, as well as enhance the nation's robotic technology for use in industries and applications on Earth. Photo Credit: (NASA/Joel Kowsky)

The NASA Centennial Challenges prize

2008 Business Association Membership Information

Your West Reading Business Association begins its 7th year on January 1, 2008. Celebrate with us by helping yourself to a big slice of member benefits including great discounts on liability and life Insurance, reduced cost business advertising opportunities, lower cost heating oil delivered directly to your business and home, up to $3,500 in grant funding for property and business improvements and much more …

All memberships valid through December 31, 2008.
A welcome package will be mailed to all new and returning members including an updated Business Association “List of Service Providers”, your “Membership Card” and your “Business Association Cling” Membership Decal.
Payment Information
Please send payment to:
West Reading Business Association
500 Chestnut Street
West Reading, PA 19611
Membership Benefits
Heating Oil Delivered to your business and home at reduced group cost for 2008. Services guaranteed through April 30, 2008.


Reimbursement Grants Up to $3,500 for members whose businesses are located in the Main Street, Elm Street and/or Urban Renewal Districts. Improvements to the façade of your business property and awnings and/or new business signs are eligible. NOTE: All improvements must be approved by the Design Team before they are constructed to be eligible for these grants. Go to  to determine your eligibility.


Business Security ADT provides several customized security packages for member businesses including closed circuit TV systems and door access and reporting systems. These plus multi-level services for your home are all offered at 15% below standard pricing.


Communications Frontier provides products and services to new business customers that are locating in West Reading and business owners who wish to improve their telephone, fax and DSL capacities. Frontier provides a personal representative who is available year round to create and maintain a program of integrated services that lower the cost of doing business overall.




Technology The very latest equipment and software customized for your business needs including sales, service, installation and repairs at 15% below standard pricing also extended to your home offered by Shearer Technology services.


Insurance Packages The Loomis Company provides a personal service representative to assist you in tailoring an insurance program to your unique business needs. This independent representative (who is a West Reading Penn Avenue business owner) will provide quotes on liability, life, health, home, auto and other insurance and/or annuity products, all at rates likely to be lower than you now pay.


Office and Staff Services The Main Street Authority staff can provide you with business, consumer and residential mailing lists in label, excel and word formats at prices that are far lower than traditional mailing list companies. Association members can ask Main Street staff to email announcements, sales information and more to a large audience at low cost. Members receive a link from the West Reading Main Street website directing site visitors directly to your virtual business.


Mixers and Open Houses The Business Association provides an environment for business to business commerce and networking. Quarterly mixers are relaxed social events while Association supported ‘Open Houses’ put the spotlight on you and your business.

Click here to download a 2008 Business Association Membership Application.
Adobe Acrobat required to view this document.
Click here for information on the next West Reading Business Association Mixer.
Click the year for information about the 2006 and 2007 Westy Awards.

West Reading Centennial 1907-2007

 West Reading Centennial

West Reading Centennial

On March 31, 2007 the Borough of West Reading will celebrate its 100th Birthday! The Centennial committee organizing events to commemorate this event cordially invites you to join us in a unique Parade that will celebrate each of the ten decades that have passed before. In its infancy, West Reading Borough was just learning to walk while the nation was learning how to drive. The 1900s saw the birth of the Model T Ford while Teddy Roosevelt was carving out America’s Manifest Destiny!

West Reading Centennial Parade
Saturday, March 31, 2007 7PM

The Centennial committee has decided to emphasize these ten decades by creating ten divisions in the Parade depicting the rich history of our country and our borough. Each division will celebrate in music, garb and visually the 1900s, 1910s, 1920s and so on! The following criteria apply to participants:

10 divisions based on 10 decades from 1907 to 2007

Musical varieties from each of these 10 decades

Marching bands can choose their uniforms or dress from the particular decade

Groups other than marching bands are welcome; drill teams, dance groups, clown divisions, drama groups, any and all that desire to express moments in our country’s history. Doughboys, flappers, beboppers and beatniks!

The parade mobilizes at the Scottish Rite Cathedral on 7th Avenue (across from the Reading Hospital’s Doctors Office Building)

Start time is 7:00PM

The parade route takes marchers up onto Penn Avenue, down to 3rd Avenue, south through the residential streets of the Borough, past the 3rd & Spruce Café and down to the Borough’s playing fields

The reviewing stand will be located in the 500 Block of Penn Avenue at the West Reading Shopping Center frontage

All groups are invited to participate including groups that represent different eras, special events in the 100 years of history, holiday symbols such as the Easter Bunny and Yankee Doodle, children’s groups, school clubs and more.

Please join us for a night of fun and frolic at West Reading’s Centennial Celebration Parade. Respond with interest and a Centennial committee member will call or visit to discuss how we can support your preparation and needs.

Thank you for joining our celebration of this wonderful town and the history that has made it great!

If you would like to participate in West Reading’s Centennial Parade please call the Borough of West Reading at 610.374.8273 or the West Reading Main Street office at 610.685.8854. To download a printable invitation to participate in the parade click here (Acrobat Reader Required).

Help Promote this event! Click here to download a Centennial Celebration flyer.

Traffic and Crowd Control

The Borough of West Reading, Berks County, is requesting the assistance of any and all available fire police to assist with traffic and/or crowd control during and after our borough’s 100th Anniversary Centennial Parade on the evening of Saturday, March 31, 2007.

Fire police assisting with this event will be organizing at 5:00PM at the West Reading Fire Department, 223 Playground Drive, West Reading. If any of your fire police and/or traffic units will be able to assist, or if you need further information, please contact Centennial Committee member Tom Kupiszewski by email roadblock38@yahoo.com or phone 484.824.5771 as soon as possible. Please provide all necessary contact information for your organization so that we may send you all of the information you will need.

To download a printable version of this request click here (Acrobat Reader Required).

Click here to download a map of the parade route (Acrobat Reader Required).

Attention West Reading Borough Residents: Please be advised that there will be “no parking” restrictions in effect starting at 1PM on Saturday, March 31, 2007. FREE parking will be available for residents at the Spruce Street Garage (located behind the West Reading Borough Hall) and Seventh Avenue Garage, courtesy of the Reading Hospital. Any cars remaining on either side of the parade route will be towed at the owner’s expense. If you have any questions about the parade, please contact the West Reading Borough Hall at 610.374.8273. Thank you for your cooperation! Click here to download a parade route map and these parking instructions.

West Reading Centennial July Fourth Celebration
Wednesday, July 4, 2007 10:00AM-9:30PM
Join us for a day of fun at the West Reading Pool and Playground on Wednesday, July 4, 2007. The pool will be open from 10AM-8PM with a DJ starting at 12PM and the Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band at 3PM. Stroll over to the park and listen to the sound of the John King Dance Band starting at 8PM. Make sure to stick around for the fireworks at 9:30PM presented by LTNT Pyrotechs. Spend the day with your family in West Reading on the Fourth of July – where music and fun come together for a spectacular day!

Schedule of Events

bullet 10:00AM – Pool Opens
bullet 10:00AM – Wyomissing Parade – join us with your decorated bikes and stroller
bullet 12:00PM – DJ Justin Bortz spins your favorite tunes at the pool – games begin
bullet 3:00PM – Nationally-acclaimed children’s performer Steve Pullera and His Cool Beans Band perform live in the in pool area
bullet 7:30PM – Bike Parade through the West Reading Park
bullet 8:00PM – The John King Dance Band, from West Reading, rocks the park with dance hits that’ll get you dancing in your seats
bullet 9:30PM – Fireworks show presented by LTNT Pyrotechs

 West Reading Centennial 1907-2007

West Reading Centennial 1907-2007

Borough of West Reading July Fourth Bike Parade

In honor of the Borough’s 100th Anniversary, we are holding a Bike Parade on the Fourth of July. Everyone with a bike, scooter or stroller is invited to participate. At 10AM, we will begin the day by participating in the Wyomissing Fourth of July Parade (meet in the 1100 block of Garfield Avenue at 9:30AM). Later, at 7:30PM everyone is invited to gather in front of the West Reading Pool House and ride through the park to start off the night’s festivities. Prizes will be awarded for the best decorated bikes, scooters and strollers.

About the Bands

Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band: Steve Pullara is a Philadelphia based New Jersey born singer/songwriter/artist whose musical roots go deep within may cultural traditions. In his music you could hear influences from his Grandfather Giuseppe to Pete Seeger to Louis Prima. His mix of drawing and singing harken the days of the Gene London and Sandy Becker TV shows from the 50′ and 60’s. With may years of entertaining kids and families under his belt in the Philly area, he is comfortable with this niche and very at home with his audience. Often, Steve is seen entertaining at commercial and non-commercial venues such as: Television, large amphitheaters, zoos, township parks, schools, hospitals and festivals performing his talents. At these sites you can also view him in concert, solo or with his band called: Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band. He’s also entertained on NBC’s Children’s Miracle Network Telethon, at Give Kids the World in Kissimmee, Florida and for the American Lung Association; putting smiles on faces and helping them to raise money for their particular causes.

The John King Dance Band: West Reading’s own John King Dance Band is the ultimate party band, with music that spans from early 60’s soul and R&B classic dance songs to today’s new music. From funk to disco, the John King Dance Band does it all and adds the extra spark to an occasion that guarantees success!


West Reading Centennial Dance
Saturday, October 6, 2007 8PM
Purchase your Centennial Dance tickets and join the fun on October Sixth at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. Tickets are $25 per couple or $15 per person. Contact the West Reading Borough Hall for more information 610.374.8273.

Centennial News
Sweatshirts: Place your order now for a Borough of West Reading Centennial Sweatshirt. The sweatshirts, which cost $25 (SM-XL) and $30 (XXL-XXXL) are maroon and steel, and by be ordered at the West Reading Borough Hall 610.374.8273, Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.

Centennial Committee

The Honorable Shane J. Keller
Kevin S. Barnhardt, Chairman
Edward C. Fabriziani, Chief of Police
Mark D. Burkholder, Fire Chief
Kevin M. Conrad, Councilmember
Michael P. Ferenchick, Councilmember
Nathalie R. Kulesa, Councilmember
Daphne E. Klahr, Recreation Coordinator
Sam Loth, West Reading Main Street
Ruth V. Cardell, Resident Volunteer
Regina Doyle, Resident Volunteer
Rebecca Keller, Resident Volunteer
Ed Kuhn, Resident Volunteer
Thomas M. Kupiszewski, Resident Volunteer

Centennial Committee Meetings

The West Reading Centennial Committee held meetings every other Wednesday in 2007 at 6:00PM in the West Reading Borough Hall (500 Chestnut Street, West Reading).